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My name is Izzabella.  I am a singer-songwriter.

I live on the Occoquan River in the tidewater country of Virginia, USA.  The headwaters of the Occoquan are found in the nearby Appalachian Mountains, and much of the Occoquan valley is now a suburb of Washington DC.  Northern Virginia (a phrase once wedded to Lee's army of that name) is an epicenter of the ongoing social and economic re-invention of America in this century.  The greater Washington DC sprawlopolis is home to one of the world's most varied populations -- and all their music traditions.  Some of these traditions are deeply rooted in this part of the country, while others are more recent arrivals to its musical landscape.  I lift my hat to Walt Whitman and make them all mine.

Latin American and Caribbean music -- the different fusions from throughout this hemisphere of the Indigenous, African, and European -- are all here in the many Latino and West Indian communities, and my music carries touches of their influence.  Beyond the Tidewater's suburbs there is an amalgam of newly-evolving ex-urban society, and of deeply-rooted agricultural society, also aswhirl with deeply American, separate strains of secular and religious music traditions.  And, Occoquan is just down the road from the Great Smoky Mountains where, within the living memory of the now very old, there persisted a ballad tradition anchored in the music Colonial era settlers brought with them from the British Isles.  So, I see Occoquan as an interchange where many traditions merge into the freeway of my music.  Mine is a song sensibility at once open to global and urban influences, yet firmly rooted in the music traditions of the American South.

I cordially invite you to listen to my songs.  I sincerely hope you'll find a song among mine that sings to you in that special way that we all are looking for from new music.

My sincere thanks to you.  I am much obliged to you for whatever time, attention and sharing you may give my work.  To those so gracious as to have bought a copy of one of my songs for your cloud drives and listening devices, a special thanks to you from me.  Listening to the song, I trust you'll share a bit of the joy and pleasure I took in making it.  I also hope you'll share your liking for it with your friends.  I want my songs to delight you -- I made them for your song-listening pleasure.

Thank you again, and Big Love to all lovers of every kind of music, and all the best to you in all your adventures in the melody and poetry of songs.

Yours very truly,


P.S. -- Always glad to hear from you -- write to me -- Izzabella at izzabellamusic@gmail.com.


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